Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday----- it's my Friday!!

Hello blog-world!

Since I work in a hotel today is my Friday, which means the weekend starts tomorrow!! yeay!!
I'll keep this short since I don't have many news. I still haven't heard from my Lap-Band rep about my insurance, which is normal because it's only been a couple of days since they turned in my paperwork and she said it would take 2-3 weeks... uuuugh- can't wait that long!

Remember the "non-diet" I had started last week? The one where I was just going to eat healthy and less. Well, the first 3 days I lost 2 pounds, but now I've gained 2 pounds, so cam out even. See, loosing weight just does not work with me any more.

That's it! I love reading all your blogs, I promise mine will get more interesting once I actually get the Lap-Band!

Much love.

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