Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 Things Thursday

1.       My favorite thing to do summer or winter is take SUPER hot showers, I mean really, really hot! Sometimes twice a day. That’s probably why my skin is so dry all the time.

2.       I LOVE general anesthesia. My first experience was when I got my breast implants a few years ago. Then recently with my endoscopy. And now I can’t wait till I get banded to go under again!

3.       I have fake boobs. I use to like them but since I’ve put on 90 lbs since I first got them, they are now droopy, heavy and hurt!

4.       I can’t wait to have a daughter so that I can put her in “Full Glitz” pageants. My mother will kill me and my husband will probably divorce me, but I want to the whole spray-tan, fake hair, glitter, everything!!!

5.       I hate pickles, I can’t even stand them in my burgers and when they are on my plate- yuck!

6.       I should be a certified Turbo Kick-Boxing instructor by now. But 90+ lbs gained in less than 1.5 years got in the way L

7.       Today is my Monday. My "weekends" are usually Tues-Weds.

8.       I am sooo scared that for some reason my insurance won’t go through. It just seems too good to be true.

9.       When I was in high school I played Water Polo, and the best part was all the ‘underwater’ fighting.

10.I really hate when people confuse their "than/then", "there/their", "your/you're", "to/too", etc. 

11.   I’ve been watching waaaaay too much Gossip Girl (4 seasons in 1.5 months) and now I totally think I’m Serena and someone is always scheeming against me.  

12.   It’s middle of winter and it’s been in the mid to high 70s here in San Diego, beach weather!

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