Friday, November 11, 2011

Nothing really to write, but here's some more about me.....

Hi ! I haven't written because not much has been going on. I had my sleep study last week and my results came in, I keep forgetting to call the doctor to hear what they are. I don't think I have "sleep apnea", but I know I snore because my husband never forgets to let me know, hehe.
Tomorrow I have my EKG and Endoscopy along with a bunch of other mandatory lab tests and x-rays and ultrasounds. At least I'll get them all done with on one day though. I'll let you know how those were.
Below are a few questions I answered. Have fun reading them and post me a comment if you have any suggestions, questions or comments!


1.What was the last song you listened to last night?
"Loca" by Shakira on the Latin Grammy's, which were awesome by the way :)

2.What color is the top you are wearing today?
Beige. Yuck--- (uniform)

3.Would you rather be a dove or eagle?

4.What is your favorite saying?
"Everything happens for a reason"

5. Where is your favorite place on earth?
Any beach- but Bali has the most beautiful ones!

6.When you are sure no one is watching what do you do?
I dunno, crazy, i have a 2 yo that sticks to me like glue, so I'm always being watch ;)

7.If you were to produce movie about yourself, which actor or actress would you cast as you?
Cameron Diaz

8.Who did you hug last?
My son

9.What color is your car?

10. Which one of your physical features do you like most?
My hair

11. If you were stuck on a desert and could only bring one thing with you, what would
you bring?
Music, water, my whole family

12. Coffee or tea?
Iced-caramel macchiatto

13. Daisies or lilies?

14. Chocolate or ice cream?

15. Soul or Rock?

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